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A calendar of international conferences, workshops, seminars, and all kinds of event related to Climateurope activities and topics: Climate Services, Climate Observation, and Earth-System modeling

Bonn Climate Change Conference
Jun 17 @ 4:16 pm – Jun 27 @ 5:16 pm
22nd Conference on Atmospheric a...
Jun 22 – Jun 28 all-day
Dechema: 17th International Conf...
Jun 23 – Jun 27 all-day

CO2 utilization is moving from research to industrial application. Join the most famous academic conference on carbon dioxide capture, utilization and strategy-related aspects and learn more about carbon dioxide utilization from the perspective of industry, science and policy! Present your work on CO2 utilization at ICCDU 2019 and discuss your results with an interdisciplinary network of experts.

14th International Meeting on St... @ Centre International de Conférences, Météo-France, Toulouse, France
Jun 24 – Jun 28 all-day

The 14th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology (IMSC) will be held in Toulouse on June 24-28, 2019.

These meetings, which have been held roughly every three years since 1979, are organized by independent statisticians, climatologists and atmospheric scientists. They facilitate communication between the climate and statistics communities and promote good statistical practice in climate and atmospheric science.

ICEM 2019 – 6th International Co...
Jun 24 – Jun 27 all-day

Hosted by the World Energy & Meteorology Council, in partnership with the Technical University of Denmark, ICEM 2019 brings together a strong base of academic and industrial participants from the global energy and meteorology sectors.

This unique platform offers you the opportunity to learn how meteorological and climate information can help the energy industry develop more resilient and cleaner energy systems, that will help to mitigate the effects of climate change and global warming.

Joint CIWEM-BHS National Meeting...
Jun 24 all-day

This joint CIWEM-BHS national meeting (part of an ongoing series of meetings designed to link researchers, policy makers and practitioners) will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the value that hydrometry provides for society, the environment and the economy. It will feature presentations and debate from those responsible for the collection and management of hydrometric data, through those who utilise it for studies, modelling and critical decision making, to the less obvious users who gain value from it.

European Urban Resilience Forum
Jun 25 all-day

Since 2013 the Open European Day – now European Urban Resilience Forum – offers a unique exchange platform where city representatives and stakeholders from various local and regional institutions come together to discuss strategies and actions for adapting to climate change and building urban resilience.

In 2019, all those seeking to shape a climate-resilient future for our cities and regions are once again invited to take part. The Forum will keep its informative, open and interactive character and ‘Powerpoint-free’ format. Participants are encouraged to share experiences and points of view on diverse topics, tackling existing challenges in local urban adaptation, while exploring potential solutions and opportunities for future collaboration.

Greenhouse Gas Removal: Mid-prog...
Jun 27 – Jun 28 all-day

“This meeting will provide an opportunity to reflect on the last two years of research to highlight key achievements, encourage inter-project collaboration and provide the opportunity for forward planning to address policy needs and remaining knowledge gaps.”

Climate services for energy: sha...
Jun 27 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Renewable energy is central to the global effort to move to less carbon-intensive economies that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, the generation of renewable energy and its operational planning are strongly affected by weather and climate variability, which causes wide variations in both energy supply and demand. To better deal with climate variability, international efforts are directed to enhance the quality, quantity and application of climate services in support of decision-making by renewable energy producers.

The limited uptake of climate predictions by the renewable energy sector identifies the need for enhanced communication of their usefulness. Case studies – events that users identify as relevant because they affected their businesses in the past – offer a suitable way to communicate and share knowledge with potential users. Case studies can help showcase how climate information and knowledge would have been useful if available at the moment of the event and also illustrate how to translate probabilistic model outcomes into deterministic decision-making. 

Some efforts to co-develop case studies for the energy sector are led by European H2020 projects such as S2S4E (Sub-seasonal to seasonal climate predictions for energy), APPLICATE (Advancing polar predictions in the Arctic and beyond) and PRIMAVERA (High resolution climate change projections carried out with a new generation of climate models). Examples of how case studies are used to analyse past periods with unusual climate behaviour affecting the energy market  will be presented during this webinar, including three different project perspectives and expertise.



Isadora Christel Jiménez, Earth Sciences Department, Barcelona Supercomputing Center


Karla Hernández, Project Manager at Nnergix Energy Management (S2S4E project) 

Marta Terrado, Science Communication Specialist at Earth Sciences Department, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (APPLICATE project)

Dragana Bojovic, Social Scientist at Earth Sciences Department, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (PRIMAVERA project)



15:00-15:05 Introduction to the webinar (I. Christel)
15:05-15:15 S2S4E project (K. Hernández)
15:15-15:20 Questions
15:20-15:30 APPLICATE project (M. Terrado)
15:30-15:35 Questions
15:35-15:45 PRIMAVERA project (D. Bojovic)
15:45-15:50 Questions
15:50-16:00 General discussion on climate services for energy – how useful is to share knowledge using case studies?
Farewell (I. Christel)


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Atmospheric Science Conference 2019
Jul 2 – Jul 3 all-day

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the Royal Meteorological Society are jointly hosting the 2-day UK Atmospheric Science Conference in Birmingham on 2-3 July 2019. The meeting will provide a unique opportunity to bring together atmospheric scientists with interests in weather, climate and atmospheric chemistry to present latest research findings.