ClimateArts Awards

What Are the ClimateArt Awards?

Climateurope has initiated the ClimateArt Award, which will take place within the Climateurope Festival, the first of which will take place in Valencia from 5th – 7th April 2017.
During this festival, there will be a series of big events fully dedicated to furthering the dialogue between science and society.

We are looking for artists inspired by the main themes of the Festival, which are: water, agriculture and the possibilities of working with climate information and data to improve the World.

The ClimateArt Awards will use the creative process as a tool to inspire audiences, to link Science and Society, and to make the environment personal. We hope these ClimateArt will rise awareness positive action around the challenges posed by climate change, avoiding any “end-of-the-world” pictures.

The ClimateArt we are looking for are: paintings, drawings, installations, music, dance, and theatre pieces that could inspire and be inspired by the Climateurope theme “linking science to society”.


What we accept

We are open to diverse creative media, including: 2D works (painting, drawing, collage, prints, etc), performance art, dance, spoken word, music, and theatre pieces.
All exhibits and/or performances must be free and open-to-the-public and artists must be able to come to Valencia (Spain) during the Climateurope Festival to perform.
Works that do not require or already have necessary permits will be given a strong preference.

Selection Process

The selection of artists will be made by Climateurope staff and an advisory committee.
We will evaluate five main components of each submission:
• Strength of message and connection to climate change services;
• Artistic value, merit and impact;
• Originality (ability to introduce new approaches and points of view);
• Pedagogy (ability to get a message across, to raise awareness) and
• Eco-design and feasibility of project (in terms of permit requirements, materials, etc.).

Submissions will also be selected based upon an artist’s work samples and written explanation of the intended message and impact of a proposed piece.

Works that inspire action to address climate change using science-based information will be given high priority.

Criteria for submission

• All submitted pieces must address the theme of “working with climate information and data to improve the World” and creatively engage audiences in positive action on climate change to support transition to a climate-aware society;
• Work/performance must be suitable for a public setting (all locations will be coordinated by Climateurope and limited indoor settings will be available);
• No admission fee may be charged;
• All concepts, ideas, and artwork must be the original work of the artist submitting the proposal;
• All work/performances must be safe for the artist and the public;
• Artists/artist teams must have a proven track record of creating work in a timely and professional manner.


We accept works on a rolling submission.
The deadline for entries is January 30th, 2017.
The extended deadline for entries is February 27th, 2017.
All proposals should be submitted to Climateurope the server before February 27th at midnight to be considered for the Climateurope Festival.
The Climateurope staff will announce the results of the selection before March 6th.
Climate Arts will take place in the Climate Festival in 5th-7th April 2017.


Three winners will receive an award-certificate and will be grated a small financial contribution (500 euro) for your further work.

Submission requirements

Please, prepare the following and submit them via our online submission form.
We will only accept submissions via our online submission form.
You will need to prepare the following and have it available via an online format that is viewable to anyone with the link (i.e. google drive, dropbox, personal website, blog, etc.):

• Responses to the following questions:

o Artist(s) name, address, phone number, website (as applicable), email address;
o Description of your work(s)/concept;
o What do you intend to convey to the public through your proposed artwork?
o How does your concept/work address “working with climate information and data to improve the World” and creatively engage audiences in positive action on climate change to support transition to a climate-aware society?
o How does your concept/work inspire your audience to take action to address climate change?
o Do you have a proposed/ideal location for your piece?

• Resumé (maximum one page). If working with a team, include a resumé for each team member.
• Photographs, sketches, images, video, or sound file that clearly convey your proposed concept or existing work:

o Provide no more than five samples of the proposed work and/or previous, related work completed. (This can be in the form of image, video or audio, as relevant to your work);
o Each example should clearly state what we are viewing/listening to and how it related to your proposal;
o Please keep audio and video files to five minutes each.

Acceptance of rules

All concepts, ideas, and artwork must be original work of artist submitting proposal.
Participation in this competition implies full agreement and acceptance of these rules and the decisions taken by the jury to resolve unforeseen situations.
The Call will be published on the website of Climateurope and its social channels.
Ownership of the work
Subject to the reservations of the inalienable rights that the law recognises the author on intellectual property, the presentation of the work implies the consent of the winners to yield to Climateurope rights of reproduction, transfer, distribution, public communication and transformation without payment or compensation to the author.

Particular conditions

By entering this competition, applicants expressly authorise Climateurope to publish, reproduce and display in public all or part of the elements of their entry, for any purpose linked with the promotion and communication of Climateurope, on all platforms, media, in all countries and for the legal duration of the copyright.
Entries submitted but not selected will be held in the archives of Climateurope.
They will, however, remain the property of their authors. Participation in this call entails the full acceptance of the conditions laid out above.


The author must have obtained the copyrights / permission to use any music or images included in his/her creative media.
The Festival is not responsible for any lawsuit arising as a result of a breach of copyright through the public exhibition of films that contain copyrighted material.

Each Artist is responsible for:
• Communicating with Climateurope staff as needed before, during, and after the event;
• Acting in a timely and professional manner;
• Providing all materials, transportation, lodging, installation costs, and staffing needed to implement work;
• Being available and onsite on the assigned day of artist’s piece/installation.

Climateurope is responsible for:
• Notifying selected artists, if selected, in a timely manner;
• Publicising selected artists through press releases and on the Climateurope website and social media accounts;
• Providing individual write-ups, photos, and a video interview of selected artists’ works for the Climateurope blog;
• Three Awards;



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