Venue – Climateurope Festival 2018

The Climateurope Festival 2018 will be held in Belgrad, Serbia, 17-19 October 2018.

Location of the Festival:

Yugoslav Film Archive (KINOTEKA)
Uzun Mirkova 1, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Latest from
  • Climate, water and metallurgy: SWICCA The production cycle of the metallurgy industry needs a significant availability of water. In Greece, to meet this need, the companies of the Halcor and ...
  • Climate and hazelnuts: Ferrero The Italian confectionery company renown all over the world for Nutella and many other food products, addresses climate change with the help of an integrated ...
  • Climate and wine: Sogrape Vinhos Having enough data available, monitoring the climate and its impact on vineyard production, and having the possibility to adapt the business to changing climate conditions ...

Climate Observations
  • The Climate Change Initiative project The objective of the CCI programme is to realize the full potential of the long-term global Earth Observations archives that ESA together with its Member ...

Earth System Modeling

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