Climate Sciences & Society

The landscape is very diverse. Europe is at the leading edge of Climate Observation, Earth-System modeling and Climate Services development. This has the potential to improve the lives of European citizens. Climate change is affecting many sectors, the audience is wide and varied, it includes policy-makers, decision-makers, businesses and no-profit, public and private institutions.

How to coordinate this flourishing complexity in order to foster a climate-smart society?

Climateurope was devised to find an answer to this question.

This website informs, and gives overview at different levels of detail with the purpose to appeal to the variety of user groups.

Essential information to enter the universe of climate observations, modelling and service.

At a glance

Find out in this section basic material with explanations on how climate sciences interact with society: definitions, explanations and multimedia on Climate Observations, Earth-System Modeling, Climate Services.

Topics, areas, actors, projects, and all you need to know about the interaction between climate sciences and society.


There are a growing number of initiatives at the international and European level. Detailed information are available here, to navigate the universe of Climate Observations, Earth-System Modeling, Climate Services.

Successes and challenges: when climate sciences and society are linked together.


There are stories telling us how much the collaboration between climate sciences and society can be fruitful, successful and challenging. Climateurope aims at collecting and report them: tell us your story.

The latest updates from the world of climate sciences and society.


Publications, news, international meetings involving decision makers, businesses, civil society, and the scientific community.
It is dynamic and lively world: stay tuned and keep up to date.

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