A series of online events to further the dialogue between science and society

In this challenging time we would like to invite you to the third festival of Climateurope, that we rearranged from the face-to-face meeting in Riga to a series of virtual events, or as we like to call them Webstivals (web – festivals).

Our webstivals are hosted under the broad topic „Climate information at your service“. We hope it will be an ideal opportunity to continue a dialog between researchers, suppliers, users, and funders all over Europe, and the World, that has been stated at our previous Festivals in Valencia and Belgrade.

We have designed our webstivals as virtual meetings lasting 3-4 hours on a single day over the course of summer and autumn 2020.


SEPTEMBER 17, 2020

Tools, demo cases, analyses and platforms.
Interactive sessions to get updates on the latest in the field of climate sciences and services.
With a special focus on adaptation and climate transition in urban environment, soil erosion, and a multi sector array of examples and stories.

Webstival of Culture

Share a beautiful landscape, favourite place of your vacation, an urban silhouette, or a nature-inspired scene.

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