January 28, 2021

Focus on the operationalization of climate services with panel discussions, lightning talks, the vision of experts. But also arts, quizzes and other interactive elements.
The fifth and final Climateurope webstival in collaboration with C3S.

How Is Your Data Heard?

a BellHouse documentary for Climateurope

If you have been to one of our Webstivals you will have heard us talk about the exciting art and science collaboration BellHouse! In one of our first Webstivals the Climateurope, Kaleider and BellHouse teams asked you, our participants to experiment with BellHouse. We had a range of stakeholders engaged in the Climateurope-BellHouse experiment- i.e., a wine producer, a member of the European Commission, a climate scientist, and a science communicator to name but a few. From this we created a playlist of your data and translated it into sound. We presented this playlist is our November Webstival. You can find out more about this on the BellHouse Website.

What BellHouse does is translate visual moving images and non-verbal communication into the chimes of beautifully hand-crafted pottery bells. It is a playful experiment in how data and information in the form of moving images can be communicated and mis-communicated. BellHouse challenges the assumption that the listener and receiver of the information can understand, or recognise, it.

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