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URCLIM aims at providing a concept, which is the realization of integrated Urban Climate Services (UCS), which will be of interest for urban planners andrelated stakeholders, to respond to user needs, but also to provide assistance in decision making.

The consortium will do this using open urban data andregional climate data. In a nutshell, the idea is to communicate climate knowledge in a way that it is scientifically sound and easily understood. To achieve this goal,4 objectives have been defined:

  • A methodology for the creation of high resolution urban maps for climate studies.
  • Downscaling methods from regional climate models to city scale and assessment of uncertainties.
  • Multi criteria impacts and evaluation of adaptation strategies (Urban Heat Island and heat waves, precipitation, snow cover, economy…).
  • UCS (defined with stakeholders) and co-visualization of urban climatic data.

Project URCLIM is part of ERA4CS, a project initiated by JPI Climate and co-funded by the European Union.

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