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Managers of infrastructure or urban planning projects often lack profound climate data that they would need for their planning. And even when the data is available, it is not always comprehensible. With CLARITY, we want to build and support a community that promotes adaptation to climate change. Offers like data, (digital) services or tangible solutions are matched with demand of projects – continuously and online on our platform.
Our mission is to coordinate and support a European knowledge base in order to better manage climate-related risks and opportunities, thereby creating greater social and economic value. In our research-near work we have produced four promising results: These are the “MyClimateServices Marketplace Platform”, “CSIS” – Climate Services Information System Screening, “CSIS for Transport Infrastructures” and “CSIS Climate Indices”.

We are proud to be part of Climateurope network for researchers, providers and users of climate information. Find out more about our community platform and CSIS in the links above – and feel free to contact us!
What we want to achieve:
– build a community that shares our vision
– find experts and connect (“match”) them on our community platform
– appropriate planning of infrastructure in municipalities, industry and civil society
– make data available to others who in turn get more effective with planning their projects
– contribute to mitigate climate change with appropriate adjustments
– improve the quality of life of world citizens
– protect nature and environment through sensible urban planning
– work on a local and international level with partner hubs in the main languages German, English, Spanish and Swedish

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