16/05/2018 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm Europe/Rome Timezone


“Can block chains have a role in climate data quality management?”

Tommi A. Vuorenmaa, Founder and CEO of Rayleigh Research, Helsinki, Finland

Carlo Buontempo, sectoral information system manager at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), Reading, UK
Jesse M. Keenan, member of the faculty, Area Head and Director of Real Estate and the Built Environment at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.

Sandro Fiore, Director  Advanced Scientific Computing Division, CMCC Foundation, Italy


The webinar is organized in collaboration with the project EU MACS  and with the support of CMCC Foundation

For national and international climate data services it is quite a challenge to generate transparent complete and nevertheless compact information on the quality of datasets and their suitable application domains. Next to statistical properties of the dataset and its variables as such, the tractability of the data generation process is important. In many cases it is impossible that uncertainty indicators compound the cumulated effects of the data (re)processing, hence the importance of sufficient clarification of the data generation process. In the EU-MACS (European Market for Climate Services) project was clarified that insufficient quality management or insufficient communication about the quality can substantially reduce the use of data services and may also mean that users resort to simpler lower quality data.

Blockchains technology could be of help in the management of tractability of data generation pathways. Essentially, blockchains enable the provision of watertight evidence on how the current condition of an informational product has been generated via all previous transaction (processing) steps. To this end, blockchains need support from protocols that certify the reported state of the information in a designated transaction step. In other words, the applicability of blockchain technology depends to a large extent on the ability to describe unambiguously and consistently underlying processes on the basis of shared principles and standards.

The webinar’s main presenter Tommi Vuorenmaa will first clarify the properties and prerequisites of blockchain technology, and provide some thoughts on the application in the field of climate data services. Subsequently, the discussants Carlo Buontempo and Jesse Keenan will provide some first comments, after which others in the audience can submit question


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