Climate data and climate services for the finance sector: challenges, opportunities and experiences – CLIMATEUROPE Webinar series
02/04/2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am Europe/Rome Timezone

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The financial sector is aware of the potential impact of climate change on their products and customers. For example, risk profiles of their products may change due to changes in extreme rainfall, storms, flooding, etc. At the same time the sector’s climate data needs are diverse, with insurance companies, lenders, and asset managers and owners having varying climate data and information needs.

In this webinar, we have invited speakers from the financial, advisory and research sectors to share how parts of the financial services sector are managing climate risks, and ways that financial services firms can interact and engage with climate change research:

  • Rabobank: Bouke de Vries, Lead Rabobank Climate Program
  • EU-MACS project: Robin Hamaker-Taylor, financial services consultant, Acclimatise
  • Climinvest project: Sophie de Jonckheere, Cicero, project manager Climinvest

After the presentations there will be ample time for discussion to share experiences among the participants.

This webinar is the first webinar in a series, organised by SINCERE and ClimateEurope. SINCERE is a European initiative that aims to strengthen international climate change research and innovation collaboration by webinars and other outreach.

The speakers


Bouke de Vries is Advisor to the Board on Public Affairs and leads Rabobank’s Climate program. Currently he also chairs the Green and Sustainable Finance Working Group of the European Association of Cooperative Banks in Brussels

Robin Hamaker-Taylor is a financial services specialist with Acclimatise, an adaptation and resilience advisory firm. Robin manages Acclimatise’s engagements with global financial institutions and corporates, supporting them to assess physical climate risks and opportunities. In the EU-MACS-project she investigated climate data and information needs of the finance sector, including commercial banks, investors, rating agencies, and reinsurers.

Sophie Dejonckheere is a Senior Advisor in Climate Finance at CICERO where she leads the ClimINVEST project that focuses on bringing transparency to physical climate risk assessments and writes second opinions for green bond frameworks.






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