18/04/2018 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am Europe/Rome Timezone


“Interaction with users during the development of climate scenarios” by Fai Fung and Maurice Skelton

As Climateurope we’re happy to announce a new series of webinars. The first one will be on the interaction with users during the development of national climate scenarios. These are generally developed to create awareness of the potential impact of climate change and to support adaptation. They are made for society, and therefore it seems logical to involve potential users/stakeholders. This can be done already during the development of the scenarios or afterwards during the dissemination of the scenarios. During this webinar some short presentations will be given on experiences and lessons learned is some countries (Fai Fung from the UK and Maurice Skelton from Switzerland). After this we will discuss further on this subject: What drives the institutions that develop climate scenarios to interact with users? What is the influence of the institutional framework and the objectives of the scenarios? What are the challenges and lessons learned during the interaction with users?


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