September 17, 2020

Tools, demo cases, analyses and platforms.
Interactive sessions to get updates on the latest in the field of climate sciences and services.
With a special focus on adaptation and climate transition in urban environment, soil erosion, and a multi sector array of examples and stories.

Click on the picture and discover the sessions, the content, the speakers, and the full agenda of the Webstival at a glance

What is BellHouse? It is an interactive sound sculpture that translates movement into sound. During the September webstival we showed this video advertising our collaboration with BellHouse. BellHouse responds with the sounds of its ‘bells’ to moving images. Have you ever thought about how you communicate and what others hear and see when you are communicating?

Have you imagined how your data is heard? We will be showcasing BellHouse in our future webstivals, so, if you are a provider of climate data, a user of climate information or a researcher producing data, please consider taking part in our interactive, creative experiment.

If you have data sets in the form of a video, an animation, or a series of images that we can help stitch together please think about submitting these to our interactive, creative, experiment!

Email climateurope@cmcc.it to find out more.

Scribing the Webstival

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