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This report shares experiences and summarises lessons learned from Climateurope project partners HZG, RHMSS, Met Office, Imperial College and BSC on how to foster co-development of climate services (CS) between providers and users, and highlights good practice for user engagement and effective communication of science to decision- and policy-makers.

This report describes not only the good practices in co-developing CS between providers and users, but also focuses on the challenges encountered by continuous multi-stakeholder engagement. The lessons learned of co-developing CS with users are given at the end of the report, in the form of selected case studies.

Contributors: Lola Kotova – HZG, Marta Terrado – BSC, Aleksandra Krzic, Vladimir Djurdjevic – RHMSS, Natalie Garrett, Jane Strachan – Met Office, Janette Bessembinder – KNMI

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