Make climate-change assessments more relevant News

In a recent article published in Nature, a team of experts urge researchers to gear their studies, and the way they present their results, to the needs of policymakers.

With the ink just dry on the Paris climate agreement, policymakers want to know how they can act most effectively. Ambition is high: the long-term goal is to keep the average warming of the planet to well below 2 °C, and even to 1.5 °C. Governments, corporations and communities have many options for minimizing dangerous climate change, and must choose between conflicting priorities and objectives. For example, how should governments decarbonize energy while increasing access to it without resorting to fossil fuels?


Read the full article here 

Make climate-change assessments more relevant, Nature 534, 613–615 (30 June 2016), doi:10.1038/534613a

The full list of co-signatories is available here

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