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SOSRHINE is a new climate service to support logistic decisions for inland waterway transport on the River Rhine.
SOSRHINE provides seasonal streamflow forecasts focusing on the low-flow seasons from early summer to late autumn as well as ice early warnings for the impounded river sections in winter time.

This prototype provides important information for the stakeholder Federal Institute of Hydrology to advice the ministries of transport and environment as well as the Water and Shipping Administration and to provide seasonal forecast products for the users of the waterways operationally. There is strong interest of using seasonal forecasts of navigation conditions in mid-term planning processes, especially in advance of low flow periods. E.g. the extreme low flow event at the Rhine basin in 2003 has caused large economic damages in the waterway transport sector, which could be reduced to some extend by different adaptation measures. Seasonal streamflow forecasts products as generated within this prototype BfG could be valuable for decision making in the transportation sector as well as the economy dependent on the transport of goods and act as an important component to ensure and even increase economic efficiency of water bound transport in future.


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