Survey on barriers and enabling conditions on the European market for climate services News

EU-MACS is a H2020 Project that  investigates what policies, measures and innovations can improve the match of demand for, and supply of, climate services. As a building block of the analysis an online survey was launched and is available at:

This survey aims at identifying barriers in the European market for climate services. According to the IPCC, barriers are obstacles to reaching a certain potential – they make a situation more difficult than it needs to be. In addition, we aim to identify enhancements that enable innovations in order to improve development and use of climate services.

The survey addresses both providers and users of climate services. It does not focus on specific sectors or types of climate services and it does not distinguish for which purposes climate services are provided or used.

The survey is divided into three sections. Questions in the first section address you and your organiZation, the second part addresses the barriers and enabling innovations, and the last section focuses on identifying reasons for non-use of climate services.


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