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The Guide to Climatological Practices is  designed to provide guidance and  assistance to World Meteorological Organization (WMO)  Members  in developing  national activities  linked  to climate information and services.

There have been two previous editions of the Guide, the original published in 1960,  and  the Second Edition published  in 1983. While many  basic fundamentals of climate science and climatological practices have remained consistent over time, scientific advances in climatological knowledge and data analysis techniques, as well as changes in technology,
computer capabilities and
instrumentation, have made the Second Edition obsolete.

The Third Edition describes  basic  principles  and  modern practices  important  in the development  and  implementation of all climate services,  and  provides methods of best practice in climatology. It is intended to describe concepts and considerations, and provides references to other technical guidance and information sources rather than attempting to be all‑inclusive in the guidance presented.

Guide to Climatological Practices (Third Edition)

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