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The main objective of VISCA is making European wine industries resilient to climate changes, while minimizing costs and risks through an improvement of the production management (quality and quantity of final product),

as well as evaluating its replicability to other high-added value agriculture sectors.The integration of climatic and phenological data supplied by 3 demo core groups into a DSS tool – co-designed with relevant South-European wine companies – capable of supplying well-founded decisions for an appropriate crop planning (i.e. prunning, ripening, harvesting, fertilization, pest-control, etc.).


  • Development of a tool (DSS) that supplies climate-informed decisions to the wine industry
  • Demonstration of the strategic adaptation decisions supplied by this tool in 3 areas where wine business is most sensitive to climate change (Spain, Italy and Portugal)
  • Definition of an action plan to tackle barriers and opportunities derived from the full deployment of VISCA on the 3 demo areas.
  • Evaluation of the replicability potential in other relevant sectors (forestry, food security, etc.) at international level.


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