Policy Briefs

Policy Brief n. 3 – The European Landscape of  Climate Services and  Earth System Models Policy Briefs / Publications / Slider

This policy brief provides a general categorization of the landscape of European climate services, and is based on a more complete report from the Climateurope project: “Progress on the integration of climate services and Earth System Modelling”. This landscape includes active dialogue between science and society, and between climate scientists, climate service developers and providers, and end-users, in particular decision-makers and policy-makers.

Policy Brief n.1 – European Earth System Modelling for Climate Services Policy Briefs / Publications

This policy briefing provides an overview of the State of the Art of Earth System Models (ESMs), which are an important element in the chain towards climate services, and highlights some of the main future challenges. Table of Contents: Earth System Modelling and Climate Services / Earth System Modelling for Climate Projections / Climate Predictions and Future Challenges / The Downscaling Effort: Climate Modelling Goes Regional / Refinement Techniques / From Science to Society

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