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Climateurope  5th WEBINAR News / Webinars

Video, summary, and presentations. The Webinar took place on Monday 23 January 2017. It consisted of two talks: one on forecast quality assessment, and the second on model drift analysis.

2017: another very warm year for global temperatures News

The Met Office global temperature forecast suggests that 2017 will be another very warm year globally but is unlikely to be a new record due to the absence of additional warming from El Niño. The global average temperature for 2017 is expected to be between 0.63 °C and 0.87 °C above the long-term (1961-1990) average of 14.0 °C, with a central estimate of 0.75 °C....

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Climateurope 3rd WEBINAR News / Webinars

Video, summary, and presentations. It consisted of two talks:one on the development of a Climate Monitoring Node, and , the second on the use of climate data in the insurance industry. The Webinar took place on Monday 12 December 2016.

International conference on climate science and climate services, 5 to 7 October 2016, Met Office, UK News

The European Climate Observations, Modelling and Services (ECOMS) Conference will be hosted by the Met Office. It will welcome 200 invited participants as well as speakers and panellists representing leading research institutions and international organisations including the European Commission, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). The European Commission established the ECOMS activity to ensure close coordination and cooperation across...

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